a small exam

Name: ____________________                                                      


Consent is:

  1. Drunkenness
  2. Being underage
  3. Nakedness
  4. The absence of a “yes,” particularly in the presence of a “no”

Your parents responded with:

  1. “It wasn’t your fault.”
  2. “What were you wearing?”
  3. “You shouldn’t have been drinking.”
  4. a & c


True or False (circle one)

You wish you hadn’t told them.

True or False (circle one)

It happened on Friday 13th.

True or False (circle one)

You dread every month since with a Friday 13th.

True or False (circle one)

When you came out of shock, you couldn’t get out of bed for an entire Tuesday.


Match the quotes with the speakers


  1. Your roommate
  2. Your sister
  3. President of Student Conduct Office
  4. Boyfriend at the time

__ “Did you try to fight him off? Then it doesn’t count. You just had drunk, unprotected sex with a guy you didn’t want to. That’s a pretty normal college experience.”
__ “I am so sorry this happened to you, friend.”
__ “It makes sense that you’re afraid.”
__ “I feel like it was my fault. I left you alone with him.”


Short answer:

In one to two sentences, please tell us if/how this has affected your schoolwork.

How many times a day do you think you see the back of his head while at school (1 being rarely, 10 being every day)? ________

How many panic attacks have you experienced while on campus? ______

How many panic attacks have you experienced walking home from work? _______


Please identify which of the following stages of trauma each of these quotes (taken from your journal) represent. (Hint: They range from five days later to four weeks later.)


  1. Circuit Breaking
  2. Return of feelings
    1. The slow return of previous emotional responses
    2. The introduction of constant anxiety
    3. Climaxes resulting in panic attacks
  3. Numbness
  4. Reintegration

__ “I haven’t had a solid shit since Monday.”
__ “I cried twelve times on Tuesday, but only once yesterday.”
__ “I only want to sleep.”
__ “panic attacks over the weekend… Michelle gave me a massage—I thought it would erase things—like I thought psychotherapy would be magic. Neither is magic; both are good.
__ “At Sunday dinner, I couldn’t stop shaking.”
__ “[yesterday] I took four naps, watched two movies and two episodes of Broad City.”
__ “I keep making myself rules to follow.”
__ “Everything feels passive.”
__ “I don’t feel as relieved as I thought I would.”
__ “I let myself make the little choking noises because I’m alone all the time.”
__ “I can’t be that lonely.”
__ “How the fuck am I going to go about getting my motherfucking shit together?”
__ “I don’t feel like myself not feeling.”
__ “I remember that I wanted to smoke, and I smoked a lot. Then my dried-up self didn’t seem to matter—to be so strange.”
__ “I can’t write anything.”


Please mark on the diagram where he touched you. This is necessary in order for us to collect the DNA. Where on your breasts? Anywhere on your neck? What about your torso and pubic region? We are going to scrape out a few skin cells from the lining of your vagina. Did he come inside of you?