Previous Issues

In issue VI of The Blackstone Review, a collaboration with The Odyssey Project featuring poetry from Nicole Bond, Guya Colton, R.D. Gregory, H.L. Polk, and Ana Isabel Arroyo as well as an essay by Eric Wilson.
In issue V of The Blackstone Review, collages from Bill Wolak, poetry from Judith Cody, Rosemarie Dombrowski, James Croal Jackson, and Trisha Rezende, and W.H. Holmes revisits surveillance in the Right to Publicity
In issue IV of The Blackstone Review, essays from Benjamin Goluboff and Eric Wilson explore race and society and the challenges of opposing precarity, respectively, poetry from Lana Bella and William Doreski, and a personal essay from S.R.
In issue III of The Blackstone Review, poetry from Colin Dodds and Cameron Morse is featured along with essays by Laurie Stone and Eric Wilson as well as flash nonfiction from Millie Tullis and fiction from S.R.
Issue II of The Blackstone Review, Hilary Ashton Strang reviews Kim Stanley Robinson’s Aurora, poetry from Mark Magoon and t.j. peters, S.R. assesses Kobe Bryant’s legacy, Bill Hutchison argues for the right to publicity, and W.H. Holmes returns with POSTURE
Issue I of The Blackstone Review, nonfiction and a photo essay from Eric Wilson, poetry from Ben Shurtleff and visual art from Susannah Strang are featured as well as short fiction from S.R.