Seeing The Milky Way Spilling Into The Pacific

                                                    …while sitting in a hot tub on a mountaintop


to study the gleaming day
of our own star; it truly seems no
mysterious thing at all but midnight mind
perched at a Pacific edge
saw from fathoms into eternity
faces of mist that the night was cold
too too too cold for all but a hot tub
under the stars fleeing the ocean
yet as much as it would be wonderful
to view the stars stars stars
their cutting clarity causes a madness.…

POINTS they said
in ancient times many
were known to say many
sayings that might solve
the riddle of STARS
“What are those beyond
brilliant POINTS high
over us after the sun leaves?
Why are they there?”
“They may be eyes of spirits.”
“They may be campfires of evil armies.”
“They may be demons’ eyes watching, waiting!”

stars o stars o stars they may
never be known for us
they are too many lifetimes away
light-years…light eons away…

new stars strange stars in strange galaxies
donut shaped torus shaped all oval round
all shapes defined from ellipses all
stars burning beyond now suns
create all in varying hues of flame
of hydrogen burst of semieternal
all is all there is there is all is…

visualize sums of suns incredible in their
great cluster cruel brilliance defining life
or consuming opportunities of living
blazing on that sun fire depends all
chance of thought of thoughts
of days ends on suns everywhere

o how all of us call our own sun
a name so sure was all humanity
that there was no like to it
no kin to it
yet it glides on the arm of
a swirling galaxy of billions
of suns in the Milky Way
and its gently shimmering arm
is flung in the arc above
the black night ocean sky

200 billion stars in the galaxy
where we are alive each is
some kind of sun.

eyes of astronomers, witches and lovers
search for another kind of eye searching us.

yet do minds perched on the ledge of tomorrow
o o ogle our third millennium bauble?

glowing first attested to exoplanet
Fomalhaut B whirling around its
mother star once in 870 years?
there is more kin to us now?
how can “Hello” be said to them?

tonight Philae perches
on the comet’s ledge
to study the gleaming days
of STARS reflected in eyes
never to be seen

today! weasel smaller than a star
gnawed the Large Hadron Collider
cost a lost Higgs boson or two
maybe a graviton maybe…
star water? or―or
did another clever new universe
weasel by unnoticed?