I'm sorry


She cries, "there's Monsters under my bed"
I'm sorry darling but that's just your imagination
She plays with dollies and almost loses one of their heads
I'm sorry darling but no more dollies for you "they are not toys"
She has no more toys, Monsters are her new friends; "keep our secret"
The secret no more as her Darling walked through the door
6-year-old eyes face to face with her Darling as she cries

"I'm sorry"


"Thanks Dad," He spoils her; bringing her gifts and sweet treats
Not of her own blood but just as water was turn into wine, he was dad for the last 13 years
"Come ride with me ... trust me" Dad would say or "come cook with me ... trust me" Trust me ...
Her only father figure, the first man to tell her she was beautiful, the first person she thought she could
He never said I'm sorry and she liked that
Dad's words start to change, he calls her his step-daughter more and not just daughter
Her step-dad's eyes start to change when he looks at her. Is she a gazelle and he King of the jungle?
Her old friend Mr. Monster is back but she no longer keeps secrets
Again, face to faced with her Darling, "somehow I know this is your fault" "I'm sorry this happened to
you, maybe now you will stay out of grown men face," her Darling said
With 6-year-old eyes crying, I'm sorry


Men constantly tell her she must be a freak
When women approach her, they tell her how beautiful she is
When she looks in the mirror all she sees is a pretty monster